This morning, WNBC aired Gabe Pressman's one-on-oe with Jeanine Pirro, which was taped on Friday. Pirro appears very composed and pissed off, and she continues to talk about herself as a "fighter" and how the investigation was leaked and demands its own investigation. If you really hadn't watch Jeanine Pirro before now, you would now know she's a smooth operator - very genial and competent, when properly prepared (versus getting flummoxed during a speech when pages are missing). Oh, and she's a fighter and she's not backing down. Here's an interesting part of the interview where Pressman tries to ask about Pirro's relationship with husband Al:

PRESSMAN: Isn't it ironic that the man who helped you launch your career, your husband, and has financed it to some extent, or a lot of extent, much extent, that he's in the middle of this thing?

Ms. PIRRO: You know, I think that every family has personal issues. In my case, just about all of them have been fodder for the press. And it's very hard, but I'm not going to turn my back on my family, that's not who I am, Gabe.

PRESSMAN: Does that include your husband?

Ms. PIRRO: I'm not turning my back on my family.

PRESSMAN: Do you still love him?

Ms. PIRRO: I love my family and I'm not turning my back on them, Gabe.


Ms. PIRRO: And you know what? I'm a fighter, and I'm going to fight for the people of this state. And I've fought for New York families my whole career, for battered women, abused women, abused children, neglected seniors. That's who I am. And every New York is going to know that I'm a fighter, I'm going to fight to clear my name, I'm going to fight to keep my family intact, I'm going to fight for New York families, I'm going to make sure that there isn't the pollution in the environment that is causing all kinds of problems, health problems. I've got the ability to do this job, Gabe. I've got the record, the experience, the qualifications. I've done day in and out as DA what's front and center in the attorney general's office. People are going to focus on the personal issues, let them, every marriage has problems, Gabe. But you know what, unfortunately for me, they're on the front page. But it's not the voter's concern and it's not the federal government's concern, who's got better things to do with their time.

Notice how she doesn't refer to her husband at all - just her family? You can watch the show on WNBC.com (Video 1, 2, 3) or read a transcript.

The Post has spicy articles about Al Pirro being seen with many women last summer and how the federal investigation is including the Pirro finances, the Daily News looks at Jeanine's call to her mom and the NY Times noticed Pirro's opponent in the Attorney General race, Andrew Cuomo, has been silent.

And Gabe Pressman is one of our favorite things about New York - he's awesome, the only thing we regret about his "News Forum" show is that it's on so early on Sunday mornings.