Republican candidate for Attorney General Jeanine Pirro continued to make her campaign appearances, and her daughter Cristine stood up for her. At a Manhattan fundraiser lasted night, the Daily News reports that Cristine "Kiki" Pirro, University of Pennsylvania senior, said, "While others may question her decisions, I love her for choosing to do what she thought was best for our family. You know, we've taken a lot of hits as a family, but we are standing together forever and ever." She also said, "There aren't enough lies and leaks to break this family," which is sweet and sad at the same time. Notably, this is the fundraider Rudy Giuliani was supposed to attend but dropped out of (the Giuliani Partners connection with Bernie was probably too hot) and Governor Pataki praised Pirro - but by satellite. Ouch!

There's an interesting debate about whether Jeanine Pirro is benefiting from the scandal, as embarrassing as it is. We're not sure - when you're a member of law enforcement trying to subvert the law isn't a great idea, blinded by passion or not, but it does seem to make her more human, versus the Botox Republican mouthpiece - but it is interesting that we're not hearing a peep from Andrew Cuomo.

And look at that - one of Al Pirro's speeding tickets went away, with the help of his wife.

Photograph of Pirro at a League of Conservation Voters luncheon by Dima Gavrysh/AP