Inspired by an April Fool's Day post about left-handed subway turnstiles, NY Magazine wondered whether it was "such a crazy idea after all." Any crazier than the MTA actually settling its negotiations with the TWU?

One left-hander admits, "The first few times I took the subway, I tried switching my ­MetroCard to my right hand... But I couldn’t hold it steady enough, so I always got the ‘Please swipe again’ message. I have to use my dominant hand, even though that means doing this weird cross-body stretch," and a New School psychology professor Daniel Cassanto adds, “Some scientists even consider left-handedness a mild birth defect, since it may be caused in the womb when a mother feels distressed, or when oxygen is cut off during the birth process."

About 10% of the population is left-handed, including Mayor Bloomberg, and Cassanto says that the MTA could earn the good will of those riders if there were left-handed turnstiles. But what about those high-entrance and exit turnstiles (HEET, aka the "baby back ribs of death")—would we need separate left-handed HEETs? It's bad enough that people are confused about which way to go in those!