The prospect of seeing the World Series Champion Yankees float by during yesterday's ticker tape parade. But how did millions of people manage to take off from work or school? White lies, of course!

Some of the ones offered to the Daily News: "I'm taking off from work - can't you see how sick I look? I'm on the way to the doctor. Dr. Modell"; "I am hung over from victory...I am gonna tell [my employees] I got a touch of Godzilla"; and "I have a Yankee cough coming down." One 10-year-old, at the parade with his dad and brother, seemed a little concerned, telling the Post, "I feel so good about missing school today. But I don't know what my teachers will think."

As fun as it was, there were some incidents, like the crowds trying to get onto the Staten Island ferry after the parade. A cop said, "You had a million people trying to get on the ferry at the same time. People were in danger of being crushed. We had no choice but to pull people out of there. It could have gotten bad." And then people discovered that some paper flying out windows had confidential information—like Social Security numbers and pay stubs—on it. One business owner said, "They're records that should have been shredded. An overzealous employee threw them out the window. He was reprimanded."