Photo of (left to right) Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni, Bulls executive VP of business operations Steve Schanwald and Nets co-owner Jay-Z by AP/Bill Kostroun

The best chance for the Knicks to make a quick return to respectability bounced away with the drop of a ping pong ball in the NBA Draft Lottery Tuesday night. In reality, they fared exactly as they should have, but for fans desperately hoping to see Derrick Rose or Michael Beasley in a Knicks’ uniform next year, it was a disappointing night. The Knicks wound up with the sixth pick and the Nets, who had a minimal chance of moving up, will pick tenth.

Despite the disappointment, both teams should have a chance to draft a very good player. For the Knicks, they could end up with one of two freshmen guards, Eric Gordon or O.J. Mayo. Or, they might chose to take a chance on Danilo Gallinari, a 19-year old sensation from Italy. The Nets will have to see how the draft develops, but they could show interest in Gallinari if he falls to him or perhaps Kevin Love, if he officially comes out in the draft. Or maybe the Nets will package their picks (they also have the 21st pick) for a veteran player.

The draft takes place June 26th. Somewhat ironically, the Chicago Bulls, who have had great draft picks thanks to Isiah Thomas the past few years and were in the running to hire new coach Mike D'Antoni, will pick first. The Bulls had only a 1.7% chance of winning the lottery, but their luck continues even without Isiah to trade with.