We've had Hipster Cops, Pepper Spray Cops, and even Cannibal Cops, but never an honest-to-goodness bag-bang-bouncing Pimp Cop—okay, that's not true, we have had LITERAL pimp cops who allegedly pimped on the side, but we've never had a cop who pimped his official NYPD ride with such simple elegance—until now!

In case you weren't familiar with the Pimpala phenomenon, Urban Dictionary offers confirmation that this isn't a random occurrence: "When the owner of a Chevrolet Impala places a small metallic "P" in front of the stock badges on the car completing the phrase "PIMPALA"." According to Redditor mgehrig, these pictures were taken Tuesday morning in Queens at Horace Harding and Utopia Turnpike. "Liberal zoom from the iPhone might make it look blurry, but there's no photoshop involved," the person added.

We've contacted them for more information, to find out whether the cop alwayz stayed 2 step's ahead of the game and owns there mind's, body's, and soul's.