Jason Itzler has been calling himself "The King Of All Pimps" for years and years, flaunting his experience at having employed the city's #1 hooker as well as Ashley Dupre, aka Governor Spitzer's hooker Kristen (they apparently were "amazing" together). Lately, he's been at the George Motchan Detention Center in East Elmhurst, Queens, awaiting his trial to face prostitution and drug charges for an incident at the Trump International last year. But don't worry—Itzler is going to milk his court time for all it's worth!

According to the NY Times, "Mr. Itzler, whose trial is scheduled to start next week, has been recorded on phones at Rikers Island saying that he and his lawyer, Mark Jay Heller, plan to stage-manage his trial as described above to increase the box office potential of a film in the works about Mr. Itzler’s life, according to a letter that prosecutors filed in State Supreme Court in Manhattan." Notably, last year, when Heller rejected a plea offer, he said, "The King of All Pimps does not plan to abdicate his throne by taking a 5-to-10-year timeout in jail. Hundreds of fun-seeking male clients are anxious to resume enjoying the girlfriend experience that Jason has famously provided in a law-abiding manner."

Itzler insists that he was just offering a girlfriend experience—$19,500 for a three-day romp—but prosecutors say he was selling service from a prostitute, as well as $4,700 of coke, to a client. And the Manhattan DA's office says Itzler and Heller are deliberately dragging out the process, "A defendant in this position, who is properly counseled by his attorney, normally will give serious consideration to plea offers made by the people and not reject them out of hand, as Itzler appears to have done," and claims that a film production company has a tentative deal with Itzler and that Heller's retainer will be paid from money if a film is made. Well, Pretty Woman was a huge hit—there's gotta be money in Pretty Woman's Pimp, right?

At any rate, Itzler can't make the $200,000 bail/bond, so he's still behind bars.