In a shocking turn of events, attorney Louis "Big Daddy Lou" Posner was automatically disbarred after he admitted earlier this year to promoting prostitution at his popular strip club, the Hot Lap Dance Club. But today, the reality of that ignoble honor was made crystal clear: his name was completely stricken from the state's roll of lawyers by a state appeals court.

"Lap Dance Lou" (another one of his colorful monikers) had contended the loss of his law license, which he argued was too stiff a penalty, even though he previously got off jail-free. Posner was sentenced to five years probation and ordered to perform 60 hours of community service as part of his guilty plea. He was also ordered to keep clear of strip joints for the next five years (strip joint probation?), and had to pay a fine of $300...or, the equivalency of a couple lap dances, not even a full nights worth.

Back in March, Posner admitted to being a pimp at the club, taking part in sex with some of his dancers, and lying that NYPD members tried to shake him down as the club got busted. So with heavy sighs, the world mourns the loss of a lawyer AND a pimp today.