Watching so much Law & Order means that Gothamist often forgets some of the basic realities of crime enforcement. Like, sometimes people actually escape. So we were really curious to read about the alleged pimp and prostitute who did just that yesterday morning.

Newsday is reporting that Pedro Martinez, 22, and Tracey Herman, 30, picked up an unidentified john on Friday night, took him to an ATM and robbed him. The john then contacted the police who picked up the duo around 5 a.m. in Times Square. The pair was then brought to the Midtown North Precinct where Martinez was placed in a holding cell and Herman was handcuffed to a holding bar outside the cell. Around 11:45 a.m. Herman apparently got out of her cuffs and busted her buddy from his cell. The two haven't been seen since and no further arrests have been made. The escape was, and this is what really surprised us, the 19th escape from police custody this year.