Maybe we have stepped into the Bizarro World: Transportation Alternatives' Executive Director Paul Steely White just posted this photograph of Senator Chuck Schumer riding his bike in the Prospect Park Bike Lane ("Omg").

As you may recall, Senator Schumer's wife is Iris Weinshall, former city DOT commissioner and raving opponent to the PPW bike lane, an issue that the Senator refused to comment on, despite being a big fan of city biking and "ally" to the "bike people." Weinshall's lawsuit against the lane (referred to by DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan as "frivolous") was dismissed this past August for failing to meet the deadline to file a petition.

According to previous comments from White, Walden's numerous complaints about the danger of the bike lane was a "reckless PR stunt" and a "desperate quest for headlines." There's little doubt that White is right now performing an elaborate, bike-themed victory dance over his trending little photo-op this morning.

[Via Azi Paybarah]