2006_05_pigeon.jpgInteresting article in the Post today about how NY State would euthanize pigeons if the avian flu comes here. Interesting because there are many people would probably like the pigeons to be euthanized, flu or no flu. State pathologist Ward Stone says that in spite of euthanization, the pigeons would "come right back and do what they did before," which is poop and, uh...hang out. The city has already used hawks to go after rats and pigeons, though pigeons are more of a soft targets as it's unclear how much disease they carry. The article does say that pigeons in Paris and Rome don't seem to carry the avian flu, but we bet the horrible diet NYC pigeons are on would make them somewhat more susceptible.

Would you be upset if city pigeons were euthanized? Here's the NY Times section on avian flu - and the latest is that the flu has "waned" in Asian counties. Some Upper West Side folks installed a sound device to detract pigeons and some people have poached pigeons for shooting events.

Photograph by your pal Matt on Flickr