Ah, the pigeon drop scam, one of the classic urban schemes used by tricksters to dupe some poor sap. The setup, which has many variations, usually involves two con artists who approach their mark claiming to have found a wallet/bag/something full of money. The confidence men (or women) then lure their mark into an argument about the item's worth or attainability, persuading the mark that he or she can get a piece of the action. At some point it's usually suggested that all three put deposits down to prove they're committed to sharing the money. Of course, the other two people are in on it together and the victim is left with a worthless item and lightened walled. It's a timeless trick, and it just happened in Brooklyn's 61st Precinct—and some poor lady lost $66,000!

Police released a video of two women who apparently pulled off the pigeon drop and are now wanted for grand larceny by deception. On August 28, at around 1:30 p.m. near Kings Highway and East 16 Street, the women "approached the victim with bag of money and offer to share the money for an advance fee."

Pigeon Drop Scam from Gothamist on Vimeo.

Police say the women are black females, ages 40-50, wearing dark-colored wigs and dark sunglasses who were last seen in a 4-door Audi. Update: Turns out the victim gave up $66,000!! The Daily News reports, "The woman agreed to give the duo the $65,000 they asked for. They took her to a bank and her nearby home and accepted $50,000 in jewels and about $16,000 in cash, police said. Before leaving the suspects gave her a bank bag." When she opened it, it was full of... paper.

Elderly victims, as well as the naive, are usually targeted by pigeon drop scammers (we've heard about this scam around NYU). Another infamous con to be aware of: The "You broke my glasses"/"You made me drop my insulin shot" scam.