Ooh - Newsday reports that protesters arrested during the RNC took photographs, thanks to a tiny digital camera the police didn't find in Connie Murillo's pocket. Of course, some of these photos showed up last month on Indymedia. But, still, nice to know mainstream media is still interested in the protesters' rights issue and cute in a quaint way how Newsday makes a big deal about how some pictures were published for the first time. Murillo and Jacob Richards, of Colorado, had been charged wtih disorderly conduct and parading wihtout a permit; police later confiscated the camera from Richards. Richards, being a smart guy, gave the chip to Murillo. It's just like an espionage film!

Speaking of photos-as-expose, there's a rumble about the helmet of a police officer undercover during the Republican National Convention: A sticker on the helmet read, "Loud Wives Lose Lives." And for more about the Republican National Convention (it's so hard to believe it was over a month ago), check out our posts from the week.