MyFoxBoston has a creepy look

inside the Craigslist Killer suspect's jail cell and shows photos of things like the knife Philip Markoff allegedly used to kill himself and the bag he allegedly used to choke himself. And there's also words "scrawled in blood on his jail cell wall. He wrote 'Megan, a nod to his ex-fiance Megan McAllister, and 'Pocket'. Philip Markoff, accused Craigslist Killer, commits suicide in jail. FOX25 has learned that 'Pocket' was a term that Markoff and McAllister used for each other in their relationship."

Markoff was found dead in his cell on on Sunday. The one-time Boston University medical student was awaiting his trial for the murder of NYC woman Julissa Brisman. Brisman, an aspiring model, had advertised massage services on Craigslist's erotic services section and arranged to meet a client at a Boston hotel in April 2009. She was found shot to death in a Boston hotel and police traced emails from the client to Markoff's apartment, where they found a gun, plastic ties and women's underwear.

His apparent suicide has sparked an investigation of security concerns in Boston's jails. The Boston Herald reports, "Markoff had eight undisturbed hours to mutilate and suffocate himself in his cell with a pen and plastic bags," and authorities say that Markoff fashioned a "primitive scalpel" to "[inflict] a series of small punctures and incisions on his body, including his neck, arms, wrists and ankles,” managing to open up veins and his carotid artery in his neck.