As the 45,000-workers strong Verizon strike finishes up its second week, union picketers are reporting violent confrontations with Verizon managers and scabs. On Thursday, one Communication Workers Of America union member was allegedly assaulted by a Verizon manager at the Suffolk County National Bank, Newsday reports.

Workers are striking because Verizon is attempting to cut back on union benefits, claiming that their struggling landline business can't support them, despite Verizon being overall quite profitable. CWA Local 1104 president tells the news outlet that his union and Verizon "haven't agreed on anything but we had some positive conversation." Verizon managers are forced to pick up the duties of the employees on strike, and must cross picket lines to do their jobs.

In addition to that "conversation," another union worker was allegedly injured by a scab who was "driving recklessly through a picket line in Massapequa" yesterday, NY1 reports. CWA reps claim that there have been 30 violent incidents since the striking began on August 7. A Verizon spokesman says, “We are looking into the allegations and will respond accordingly...We don’t tolerate or condone any illegal behavior by any employees.”