There's nothing like union workers picketing outside a fancy Upper East Side abode! This morning, Transport Workers Union members are outside MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow's home, claiming that he's "perpetuating the labor dispute rather than allowing the MTA to vote on the contract " and "putting European vacations and a custom made Ferrari over their need for a new 37 month contract that would include a raise of more than ten percent," as WABC 7 reports. The MTA points out that Kalikow only gets $1 a year as salary, which begs the question, "Is that why thing are run so suckily?"

Meanwhile, two MTA board members are saying that fare hikes won't be necessary next year, thanks to higher revenues than expected. This echoes what State Comptroller Alan Hevesi pointed out last month, but still does not prevent fare hikes from happening in 2008 and on, as the MTA's long-term finances are a mess.

And on a final Metrocard note, the cops who beat up Police Commissioner Kelly's cousin's son say he had been bending his Metrocard to get a free swipe out of it. Which apparently gave them "probable cause" to beat him up...but then it turned out Arthur Heller's Metrocard actually had $55 on it. D'oh!