Yankees Say Good-Bye to House That Ruth Built

<p>Whitey Ford (left) helps Don Larsen (right) scoop up dirt from the pitcher's mound</p>

<p>Cheryl Howard, left, daughter of former Yankee catcher Elston Howard, Michael Munson, second from right, son of Yankee catcher Thurman Munson, and Yankee manager Joe Girardi </p>

<p>Willie Randolph waves to the crowd</p>

<p>Julia Ruth Stevens, daughter of Babe Ruth, throws out the first pitch</p>

<b>Farewell to Yankee Stadium</b>It was the first sports venue to be known as a "stadium" and through the years Yankee Stadium bore witness to some of the most spectacular moments in sports history. On the night of September 21st, the Yankees <a href="">closed their famous stadium</a> for good, beating the Baltimore Orioles 7-3. Andy Pettitte got the last win, Mariano Rivera the last save and Jose Molina the last home run. Derek Jeter led his teammates in a lap around the field as "New York, New York" blared over and over again with the crowd joining in. <i>- Peter Trinkle</i>

<p>Fans outside Yankee Stadium await to go inside</p>

<p>The team salutes the fans.</p>

<p>The captain</p>

<p>A fan touches Babe Ruth's monument</p>

<p>Fans at Monuments Park</p>

<p>A-Rod signs autographs</p>