Watching The Debate With NYC Trump Supporters & Conflicted Republicans

Nikki H., 27, has been supporting Trump "since the beginning."... "I originally felt like I had to hide my support for Trump. I work in the arts, so I'm a minority there. But at the end of the day, anyone who truly knows me won't change their opinion if they find out. I've even been able to provide my friends with feedback and discussion and prove we aren't all stereotypical."

Joshua Rodriguez, 37, was originally a Bernie Sanders supporter. Now he's considering voting for either Trump or a third-party candidate... "I liked Bernie's approach of rebuilding the country from the ground up. Hillary has no integrity; as a former Marine, integrity is important to me. I'm not anti-Trump. He's a businessman, like Bloomberg, who's too rich to be bought.... Trump would be good because he's not part of the system, either. We need to break the foundation and rebuild the whole house."

The owner of this hat declined to pose for a picture or give his name. "I can't even donate to the campaign because there would be professional repercussions against me," he said. He wasn't interested in hearing about Trump's sexual harassment past or Clinton's emails.

Luis N., 25, is from Brazil and is temporarily living in the West Village. He can't vote in the election, but he thinks supporting Trump is important regardless... "We had a leftist government in my country for 20, 25 years," he said. "They ruined the country. I don't want to see that happen in the USA."