[UPDATES] Photos: New Yorkers Crowd The Polls For Election Day 2016

People wait in line to vote at a polling site at Public School 261 (Getty Images)

The line outside 180 Riverside Boulevard, aka a "Trump Place" building (Gothamist)

A polling site in Crown Heights (Emma Whitford / Gothamist)

in Williamsburg (John Del Signore / Gothamist)

P.S. 93 in Brooklyn (Scott Lynch / Gothamist)

Democracy in action (Getty Images)

Voting at P.S. 261 (Getty Images)

Voters leaving and entering the polling site at Public School 261 (Getty Images)

Outside P.S. 6 in Brooklyn (Nathan Tempey / Gothamist)

Outside P.S. 6 in Brooklyn (Nathan Tempey / Gothamist)

In Kensington, Jill Weidman, an artist and graphic designer, voted Clinton. She told us, "I'm feeling very emotional. I cried in the booth; but then again, I cried for Obama too. I'm Canadian and came from a progressive family. We moved to Houston in '79 into such Republican hypocrisy. I look back on Houston now and Houston then, and it's changed. I talk to my friends, and they don't have the lawn signs. It's nice to feel vindicated. As a woman who has been catcalled and harassed, it's incredible and amazing [to vote for HRC]. But really, it's for my kids." (Fraylie Nord / Gothamist)

The line to vote inside LaGuardia High School was long outside and inside this morning. (Jen Chung / Gothamist)

Voters waited on line over an hour at P.S. 191 on Amsterdam Avenue. (Jen Chung / Gothamist)

Sally Lindenbaum, 98, on the Upper West Side said she is "very exited" to vote for first female president. She's lived in New York since 1941. (Jen Chung / Gothamist)