[UPDATES] Occupy Wall Street Tries To March On Wall Street, Shut Down NYSE

<p>Broad and Beaver</p>

<p>The crowd before the march at 7:30 a.m.</p>

<p>Tony Danza talking to a police officer, perhaps in an attempt to determine who the boss is. </p>

<p>A standoff at Nassau and Pine</p>

<p>Courtesy Daniel Massey</p>

Protesters sitting down at Exchange and William

Via Allison Kilkenny

Photograph of men <a href="">annoyed at OWS</a> by Christopher Robbins/Gothamist

<p>Broad and Beaver</p>

<p>Broad and Beaver</p>

Protesters removing barricades at Zuccotti Park.

<p>After trying to figure out how to load this protester in a police van, cops just issued her a summons, according to <a href="">Michael Moore's Twitter</a>.</p>

The protester holding this sign insisted that he got within eyesight of NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, and that Kelly spotted the sign and smirked.

At 12 p.m., a crowd of protesters rebuffed from Wall Street continue to march, but the destination is unclear.

<p>(<a href="">Courtesy @Rebecca Davis</a></p>

<p>Bethany O'Grady/Gothamist</p>

<p>NYPD flooding Zuccotti Park around 1:45 p.m. Courtesy <a href="">@mtracey</a></p>