TSA Seizes Stun Gun Disguised As Cell Phone And Other Wild Weapons

<p>According to the TSA, one traveller was caught with a stun gun disguised as a cell phone today at Newark, while over the weekend a passenger at JFK "took the prize for attempting to travel with the most prohibited items in one piece of baggage when his checked luggage alarmed for fireworks. When the bag was opened, not only were fireworks, which are explosives, found to be in the bag, so were a set of brass knuckles, a machete and a plastic bag containing a green leafy substance that later tested positive for marijuana."</p>

A passenger with a folding pocket knife and a razor-edged knuckle-knife as the items passed through the checkpoint metal detector on Friday

<p>Three martial arts throwing knives found by TSA officers in a checked bag at Newark Liberty International Airport.</p>

<p>A pink stun gun detected by TSA officers at JFK.</p>