There's A Huge Cannabis Convention Happening In NYC Now, Here's A Tour

Marijuana-infused gummies. <br>

CBD-enhanced sugar, developed by Ron Silver of Bubby's in Tribeca. <br>

This contraption extracts oil from marijuana plants. <br>

PotBot is described by its creators as the world's first cannabinoid recommendation engine. <br>

Another oil extractor, produced by Incredibles, a Colorado-based cannabis chocolate company. <br>

THC-infused soda syrups, developed by Ron Silver of Bubby's in Tribeca. <br>

Shira Adler's "Beyond the Spectrum" CBD aromatherapy sprays. The yellow spray, on the right, will also be produced with THC, targeted at children with autism. <br>

Marijuana packaging products. <br>

Ron Silver's take on 5-Hour Energy: CBD/THC and caffeine-enhanced coconut water. <br>

No recreational weed chocolate for you, New Yorkers. <br>

A "Keurig-style" pod of marijuana. <br>

Penny Howard says this hemp oil got rid of her daughter's seizures, which were previously 40 times a day. <br>

The world's smallest EEG, developed to be used by marijuana-prescribing doctors. <br>

This contraption makes the oil-extracting process quite literally transparent. <br>

Marijuana products are said to do wonders for under-eye circles. <br>

Edibles concealed beneath glass, brought in from Colorado. <br>

Hemp seed oil, for cooking or, you know, drinking straight. <br>

The "Keurig" of vaporizers.