Surprise! Stuck Buses Sprinkle The Streets

Blizzageddon in Brooklyn last December

via Brianelquist on Twitter

<p>Six of twelve (TWELVE) busses stuck on lower Fifth Avenue this morning (Andy Baum).</p>

By 3 p.m. there were at least 30m busses lined and staying still on lower Fifth Avenue!

<p>Yet another shot of the insane procession of busses parked on lower Fifth Avenue (via <a href="">Samarks</a>).</p>

<p>Stuck on 116th and Fifth (via <a href="">J Schumacher</a>'s flickr).</p>

<p>Stuck and abandoned on Second Avenue and First Street this morning.</p>

<p>Stuck in Jackson Heights (via <a href="">MikaelleS</a>' flickr stream).</p>

<p>An M14 stuck on Avenue A last night (via <a href="">Cyclosity</a>'s flickr stream).</p>

<p>Two busses stuck on the corner of the Bowery and Houston this morning (Bao Nguyen).</p>

<p>The same two busses stuck on Bowery and Houston two hours later (Woody Loverude).</p>

<p>Stuck on First Avenue this morning (Greg Nation).</p>

<p>Stuck on Avenue A this morning.</p>

Stuck on Bell Blvd. in Bay Terrace. The driver told our reader at 2 p.m. he'd been stuck there since 10 a.m.

<p>Stuck on 68th and Lex at around 9:30 a.m. (MM).</p>

<p>An M86 stuck on 86th and First around 7 a.m. (T. Grosner).</p>

<p>A bus stuck on South Fifth St. in Williamsburg last night (Ben in S. Williamsburg).</p>

<p>And here is the same bus in the same spot 18 hours later! Our tipster reports they've kept the motor running so it doesn't freeze completely (Ben in S. Williamsburg).</p>

<p>Stuck bus on Catalpa Avenue in Ridgewood, Queens (Jen Carlson/Gothamist).</p>

<p>More from Ridgewood (Jen Carlson/Gothamist).</p>

Another stuck bus on Houston, this one on Chrystie St.—you can actually see it at the bottom of this traffic cam

Angus McIntyr

<p>Not a bus, but still stuck. An abandoned wheelchair (via Gothamist reader Eddie).</p>