Steven Slater: Bag Nazi, Folk Hero, High On "Blue Juice"

<p>According to <a href="">the Daily News</a>, Steven Slater is the new "fame monster," and was "walking on air" as he emerged from jail last night as America's newest folk hero. He told the awaiting press, "I knew there was a brouhaha about this, but while I was on the inside I didn't realize how much attention it got. I think something about this resonated with people. The outpouring of support is very appreciated. I'm overwhelmed, very thankful. It's been a good time." His supporters were amongst those awaiting him on the outside, screaming things like: "You're a hero" and "You're a celebrity."</p><p>When asked about the cuts and bruises on his face, he said they were "aviation-related"—and are likely from when the suitcase fell on him during the incident that landed him in the slammer. He also explained a little more about what had happened, noting, "I lost patience after a female passenger had an argument with another passenger and then opened the bin door, hitting me on the head without apologizing."</p><p>The paper <a href="">also says</a> Slater was a "bag nazi"—in March he had said, "I am frustrated with many of them for their unrealistic approach regarding carry-ons."</p>

<p>According to this memo sent out by the airline to their in-flight crews, Steven Slater is <em>not</em> to be held on a pedestal. So don't get any ideas boys and girls. They claim that the plane <em>was</em> parked and passengers were actually deplaning when Slater went into meltdown mode. They say that the slide being intentionally deployed, endangered lives and equipment. Also, it cost $25K to deploy! The airline is now offering counseling to crew members, which is much cheaper, we suppose. [via <a href="">TMZ</a>]</p>

<p>The Queens DA has released a memo to the press stating that Steven Slater has been arraigned on reckless endangerment charges for allegedly opening the emergency exit door on the aircraft and deploying the slide. He faces up to 7 years in prison if convicted.</p><p>District Attorney Brown said, “The emergency chute deploys at 3,000 pounds per square inch within seconds and could easily injure or kill ground crews or others on the tarmac who are unaware the chute has been activated. This would have been a far different arraignment if someone had been standing under the emergency chute when it deployed.”</p>

<p>Slater is a recovering alcoholic (no word on if he actually drank those beers he grabbed when he departed the plane)—but he was hopped up on "Blue Juice" around the time of his meltdown. But that just means he had a lot of company spirit! Allegedly Slater was so "juiced" up on the <em>spirit</em> that people called him "Mr. JetBlue." A source told <a href="">TMZ</a> that "Steven had so much 'Blue Juice'—that he was recently nominated for the Inflight Values Committee by his peers."</p>

And there's a director's cut of the Taiwanese CGI of Slater's meltdown! It includes his drive home and boyfriend.