Staten Island Trump Voters: This Is Our Molotov Cocktail

<em>Scott LoBaido, artist, 51.</em><br><br><strong>Who are you going to be voting for? </strong><br> Hillary Clinton. Nah, I'm kidding. I am voting for Donald J. Trump.<br><br><strong>Why Trump?</strong><br> I just think he's what we need. He's what we all wanted. We all wanted something outside the box. Both Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, we all wanted to get the fucking establishment&mdash;we're done with it. The status quo establishment, money-whoring lobbyist bullshit that's been going on.<br><br>Trump, that's as outside as you can get. That's why everybody jumped into this election, even these young millennials that have no concept and weren't ready to get into the political game. <br><br>I believe the election has already been done. Us folk in the city, city folk, we have nothing to do with this election. This is about middle America. This is about the machine. The coal miners, the truck drivers, the ass-busting people that have been pissed on by this establishment with regulations and political correctness and taxes and Obamacare. They just have had it.<br><br>This is their Molotov Cocktail, by going into that booth and pulling for Trump. They don't care what he says, or what he does, they just believe in his heart. I believe in his heart. <br><br>I really feel this time around, the polls aren't mattering. The people know what they want. They know they have been so decimated. I'm giving him a chance. Is he out of his fucking mind sometimes? Yeah. But so am I. So are a lot of people I know that are very successful. <br><br>He wants to give people incentive. This administration, and Hillary if she gets in, it's the same carry down. "You just sit right there. Don't you worry. Uncle Sam's going to fucking take care of you." You don't need to get up off your ass and open up a hot dog stand that you always wanted to do. Or become an astronaut. Become a politician. Nobody's got incentive. It's the taxpayers, the hard-working man, the man in the fucking middle is paying for these lazy fucking people. <br><br><strong>What are your views on Hillary?</strong> <br>She's a fucking mess. What Nixon did was like me pissing in the street and getting a summons for it compared to what she's going through. It's out of control. It's insane. And we're all like "eh." "Well Donald Trump said this about grabbing some girl's pussy 10, 15 years ago. Ahhh!" But you'll have your kids watch Miley Cyrus ride a giant fucking dildo. It's just mind boggling. It's mind boggling.<br><br><strong>What will you do if Hillary wins?</strong><br>If Hillary wins, tomorrow morning I wake up in a pile of my alcohol-induced vomit. If Trump wins, I wake up in a pile of alcohol-induced vomit. Either way I'm celebrating. This is America,This is what it is. It happens every four years. This one's a little uglier. But this is democracy. It gets ugly sometimes for it to get better. It will get better. That's what makes us great. That's why I love this country, that's why I love this flag. You're not always right, but we are right more than we are wrong.

<em>Victor Dolan, chiropractor, 60</em><br><br><strong>Who did you vote for today?</strong><br>Donald Trump.<br><br><strong>Why Trump?</strong><br>Well, I couldn't vote for a sexist, racist thief. So I couldn't vote for Hillary Clinton. <br><br><strong> What do you like about Trump? </strong><br>We need a businessman to straighten out the mess that is in Washington. To drain the swamp, the culture of corruption that Hillary has nurtured for 30 years, when she defends her husband who had sex at work with an employee, which is the definition of sexual harassment, when she destroys women's lives who complain about her husband, when she votes for a war, when she gives nuclear material to the Russians, when she gives away emails which have had our allies or spies or assets in other countries murdered, when she lets our embassies have people sodomized and ultimately after hours of torture get their heads chopped off. I can't in good conscience vote for that sexist, racist KKK-supported woman.<br><br><strong>What are you going to do if Hillary wins? </strong><br>What am I going to do? Continue working. There are two things you have to do in America: pay taxes and die. That's one reason I voted for Trump too, I hope for less taxes.

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<em>Lynn Lello, retired teacher, and Atticus, her dog. (Francesco di Benedetto/Gothamist)</em><br><br><strong>Who did you vote for?</strong><br>Of course Hillary.<br><br><strong>Why?</strong><br>Because I think that she has the experience and the stamina and the temperament to do the job properly.<br><br><strong>What do you think of Donald Trump?</strong><br>I don't like him. I think he's anti- everything I stand for and all the values that I hold and I think he's hypocritical. That's what I think of Donald Trump.<br><br> <strong>And what are you going to do if Trump wins?</strong><br>Move to Canada. (Laughs). I'm not sure. I would be very distraught.

<em>Abraham Malz, senior lab technician at the College of Staten Island, 64. (Francesco di Benedetto/Gothamist)</em> <br><br><strong>Who did you vote for?</strong><br>I voted for Donald Trump.<br><br><strong>Why Trump?</strong><br> Because I think the middle class has been missed these last eight years and I think the issues going on now are to restore some of the concerns for the middle class, which has been getting smaller and poorer and has lost health insurance. And even though it hasn't affected me&mdash;I’m one of the winners&mdash;I’m still worried because all my friends are the losers. <br><br><strong>What are you going to do if Hillary wins?</strong><br> I did very well the last eight years, I'll do very well under Hillary. The corporations that are funding her are my IRA and my pension. I'm going to make more money if Hillary wins.

<em>Arlene Bonamo, 84, and Tom Bonamo, 86. (Francesco di Benedetto/Gothamist)</em><br><br><strong>Who did you vote for? </strong><br>Both: Trump. <br><br><strong>Why Trump?</strong><br>Arlene: We favor him over Hillary because of her bad crookedness and everything else, and lies and whatever. <br><br>Tom: She gets mad when she hears the name Hillary. <br><br><strong>What do you think about Hillary?</strong><br>Tom: I dislike her immensely. She is what they say she is. She's a liar, and I can't understand people who are swallowing that and voting for her. <br><br>Arlene: We've discussed it over and over and we've come to the conclusion with all her emails and all her crookedness, and what she has done, we would never vote for her.<br><br><strong>And what will you do if she wins?</strong><br> Tom: Swallow it. We've been here a long time, we've been through a lot of elections. <br><br>Arlene: Well, I might have my scotch and soda. And he might have a glass of wine. And we're going to celebrate.

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<em>State Assemblymember Matthew Titone, 61st Assembly District, 55. (Francesco di Benedetto/Gothamist) </em> <br><br><strong> Who did you vote for? </strong><br>I voted for Hillary Clinton.<br><br><strong>Why?</strong><br>I voted for Hillary Clinton because she is by far the more experienced candidate, she has a demonstrated record of working for people, particularly middle-class Americans and those who are truly in need, our children. She has an astounding record of knowing foreign affairs, healthcare, so her portfolio is by far superior to that of other candidates.<br><br><strong>What do you think of Donald Trump?</strong> <br>Not much. Donald tapped into a certain anger or frustration that many Americans are feeling. Unfortunately, I really truly believe that it is a misguided direction of that frustration. <br><br>If you're concerned about a shrinking middle class, you should be concerned about what Donald Trump will do to that middle class. He's demonstrated absolutely no political savvy or diplomacy when it comes to foreign affairs. His rhetoric has been anything but American, or pro-American or pro-democracy. <br><br><strong>What are you going to do if Trump wins? </strong><br>Two courses of action. One, stay home and fight for the next four years for the people. Or plan B, I guess to be would be to move to Mexico, help them build the wall to keep the Donald Trump Americans out.

<em>Neighbors Kelly Valcarcel, 46, and Joey Schaffer, 9. (Francesco di Benedetto/Gothamist)</em><br><br><strong>Who did you vote for? </strong><br> Kelly: Trump.<br><br><strong>Why?</strong> <br>Kelly: Because he's a better candidate. I can't stand Hillary (laughs). I can't stand looking at her face on TV. <br><br>Joey: She's a liar. <br><br>Kelly: Yeah. <br><br>Joey: She wants open boundaries, and Trump wants to make a wall and protect us from ISIS.<br><br><strong>What are you going to do if Hillary wins?</strong> <br>Kelly: I'm going to be upset. Nothing I can do though, right? <br><br>Joey: I'm going to be sad. And scared a little bit. <br><br>Kelly: I agree, scared.

<em>Kenneth Levy, 68, and Susan Levy, 66. (Francesco di Benedetto/Gothamist) </em><br><br><strong>Who are you voting for?</strong><br>Both: Clinton.<br><br><strong>Why?</strong><br>Susan: Because she has experience and she's for women's rights and he is everything they say he is. He's a racist, he's a misogynist, I think he's crazy. And I'm hoping she wins.<br><br>Kenneth: I feel the same and I would never vote for a demagogue and a tyrant. And that's what Trump is. And heaven help us if he wins. He had better not.<br><br><strong>What will you do if Trump wins?</strong><br>Kenneth: Spend a lot more time abroad.<br><br>Susan: Same.

<em>Maria Allegretti, 65. (Francesco di Benedetto/Gothamist)</em><br><br><strong>Who did you vote for? </strong><br> I voted for Hillary Clinton. <br><br><strong>Why?</strong><br>I feel like she is the most competent candidate and I have confidence in her ability to lead this country and I feel she is the most qualified. <br><br><strong>What do you think of Donald Trump?</strong><br>I have great reservations about Donald Trump, his ability to lead and his competence on facts and policies to make&mdash;what he claims&mdash;this country great. <br><br><strong>What will you do if Trump wins&mdash;or if Hillary wins?</strong> <br>I believe in our democracy and I will accept whatever the outcome of this election is. And I'm prepared to stand behind whoever wins.

<em>Gregory Baranovsky, 61. (Francesco di Benedetto/Gothamist) </em><br><br><strong>Who did you vote for today? </strong> <br>I will say I voted for Trump, but it would be better to say I voted against Clinton?<br><br><strong>Why?</strong><br>Because that's the only alternative. I don't want the Clinton family. I have a strong belief they are corrupt criminals.<br><br><strong>What do you think of Hillary?</strong><br>Hillary is a liar and she's corrupt and she's criminal. <br><br><strong>What are you going to do tomorrow if Trump wins or if Hillary wins?</strong><br>I will continue to live. I have no other choice. I will continue to work because I have to feed my family. But I would be very disappointed if Clinton will win the presidency because I didn't really want to move to a country&mdash;because I'm an immigrant&mdash;where the president has such a long history of corruption.

<em>Kathy Reilly, retired New York City public school teacher, and Donald Reilly, 78. (Francesco di Benedetto/Gothamist) </em><br><br><strong> Who did you vote for? </strong><br>Both: Trump<br><br><strong> Why?</strong><br>Kathy: One, he wants to control illegal immigration to keep out the terrorists and the criminals. Two, he wants to lower taxes on businesses so that businesses will stay in the country instead of fleeing to foreign countries. And three, he's against late-term abortion, which I consider to be murder. <br><br>Donald: Because I think he is going to bring back jobs. I think he is going to control immigration. I am not necessarily against immigration, I'm in favor of legal immigration, I think the Supreme Court is going to be a significant issue. I am pro-life. I think he will bring taxes down to the point where we begin to create jobs.<br><br>Kathy: Another reason I like Trump is that he's pro-cops, and so am I. Hillary thinks the cops are racist. She's a demagogue.<br><br>Donald: That's another thing. To strengthen the military. I think that God gave us the United States for a couple of reasons, one was to kind of watch over people who can't watch over for themselves. And we did that for many, many, many years and we aren't in a position to do that anymore. And I think that weakens the world, generally, not just the United States.<br><br><strong> What do you think of Hillary? </strong><br>Kathy: I think she's a slime.<br><br>Donald: I’m not a big fan of Hillary. I think that even though she claims that she's spent 30 years of service, I don't see a lot of service. I see a lot of self-aggrandizement. I see a lot of focus on the things that she's personally interested in. I think the ease with which she lies to the American public, I think the ease with which she claims that she has a public persona and a private persona is in conflict with what people need.<br><br> <strong>What are you going to do if Hillary wins?</strong><br>Kathy: Hope that the Senate can control her. She's an Alinskyite, which is a socialist, Marxist, progressive whatever. And I think we just have to try to reign her in. But I think we're going down the tubes if she wins. I don't think she's going to win though. I think it's going to be a landslide for Trump.<br><br>Donald: I'm going to continue to do what I do, I'm going to go to church, I'm going to pray to God, and I'm going to just hope that we have a strong enough Senate and a strong enough House to reign her in.<br><br>Kathy: Also, she's going to get us into war with Russia. A nuclear war.

<em>Elizabeth Maley, gave her age as "over 50." (Francesco di Benedetto/Gothamist) </em><br><br><strong> Who did you vote for? </strong> <br>I voted for Hillary.<br><br><strong> Why?</strong> <br>I felt it was the lesser of evils. It's been a thoughtful decision and I have great concerns but I felt as if the other party candidates, aside from Mr. Trump, were not offering me something and I did not want to waste my vote. <br><br><strong> And why didn't you want to vote for Trump? </strong><br>I'm not saying anything new. I am concerned about the anger and hostility which I believe he is promoting and that is not reflective of me or my beliefs.<br><br><strong> What will you do if Trump wins?</strong> <br>I will hope for the best and have my passport ready.

<em>Tom, firefighter, 24. (Francesco di Benedetto/Gothamist) </em><br><br><strong> Who did you vote for? </strong><br> I voted for Donald Trump. <br><br><strong> Why? </strong> <br>He's better than Hillary. That's it. <br><br><strong> What do you think of Hillary? </strong><br>I'm not at liberty to say right now. <br><br><strong> What are you going to do if Hillary wins? </strong> <br>I'm going to live in America like everyone else is. I ain't moving.

<em>(Francesco di Benedetto/Gothamist)</em>

<em>Alphonse Landi, retired New York City sanitation worker, 45. (Francesco di Benedetto/Gothamist)</em><br><br><strong>Who are you voting for?</strong><br>Trump<br><br><strong>Why?</strong><br>He’s the best. It’s going to be huge. You gotta understand something. It's a businessman. I couldn't stand Bloomberg, but he really put us in the black. Look at de Blasio now, we're out of jobs. Democrats are no good for us. They pander everything and they do nothing.<br><br>What happened in eight years? Iran benefitted, not the black American. <br><br>She needs to be in prison. It's disgusting. Who acts like this? If she was Italian, she'd be under the jail. Hillary is just a waste. She's all about Hillary. It's all about her.<br><br><strong>What are you going to do if Hillary wins?</strong><br>I'm gonna cry. I'm going to be very upset.