State, Local Showdowns: Tomorrow Is Primary Day

<p>The new optical scanner voting machine! You can read more details <a href="">here</a>, but there are (naturally) worries that it'll be a <a href="">real mess</a>. Recently, WNYC's Brian Lehrer and Azi Paybarah <a href="">tried it out in this video</a>.</p>

<p>The Republican primary for governor features <a href="">Rick Lazio</a>, JP Morgan executive and former Senate candidate, against Tea Party-aligned <a href="">Carl Paladino</a>, Buffalo real estate developer and millionaire. While Lazio has the official backing of the NY State GOP, Paladino's freestyle criticism of everything and anything has won him some fans. Plus Lazio's fundraising has been lacking whereas Paladino has promised to spend millions of his own money in the general election.<br/><br/>While Paladino is viewed as the outsider, he's been <a href="">gaining in the polls</a>. However, either candidate would face a considerable challenge against Democratic candidate Andrew Cuomo.</p>

<p>The race to replace Cuomo as the state Attorney General has been heated on the Democrats' side (the Republican candidate, Staten Island DA Dan Donovan, is running uncontested). In fact, most Democratic voters <a href="">haven't been that aware of the race</a> or the candidates, who are Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, Sean Coffey (a former Naval captain and former federal prosecutor), Eric Dinallo (a former prosecutor in the Manhattan DA's officer and under Eliot Spitzer when Spitzer was AG), Nassau County DA Kathleen Rice and State Senator Eric Schneiderman. The candidates recently met in a debate (where they <a href="">ganged up on Schneiderman</a>, who has, relatively speaking, momentum from a number of endorsements). </p>

<p>Longtime Harlem Rep. Charles Rangel faces his toughest re-election fight in four decades after revelations about his four rent-stabilized apartments (that's three more than legally allowed) soon led to revelations about his <a href="">not paying taxes</a>, using <a href="">House letterhead</a> to solicit donations, and many other incidents. He was recently <a href="">charged with House Ethics violations</a>. His most notable challenger is Adam Clayton Powell IV, whose father Rangel defeated in 1970.</p>

<p>Incumbent Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D) has represented the 14th District since 1993, and now she faces <a href="">her greatest challenge</a> from former hedge fund lawyer Reshma Saujani. Maloney has numerous noteworthy accomplishments, like credit card protection for consumers, while Saujani represents the potential of a fresh perspective and touts her financial industry creds.</p>

<p>The lone Republican House seat in New York City was lost when Staten Island's Vito Fossella <a href="">had that DWI</a> that later led reporters to his <a href="">mistress and love child</a>. Democrat Michael McMahon was elected to the seat, but now Michael Allegretti and Michael Grimm are vying for the chance to oust him this November. Allegretti used to work on Wall Street and for the Partnership for New York City, while Grimm is a former FBI agent. Grimm has the support of Giuliani while Allegretti got an endorsement from Fossella. Allegretti, thought, <a href="">says he's a "paisan."</a></p>

<p>Ah, the Democratic primary race for the 33rd State Senate seat in the Bronx. In one corner, you've got incumbent Pedro Espada Jr., the Senate Majority leader who helped <a href="">cripple Albany last year with a coup</a>, who doesn't even really <a href="">live in the Bronx</a>, who is accused of <a href="">looting his non-profit of $14 million</a>, who <a href="">loves landlords</a> and <a href=";_type=entry&amp;id=429040&amp;blog_id=1&amp;saved_changes=1">countless other things</a>. In the other corner, it's Gustavo Rivera, an educator and political activist who promises reform and who is <em>not</em> Pedro Espada.<br/><br/>Additionally, Espada's coup partner, convicted girlfriend slasher and former State Senator Hiram Monserrate is running in the primary for a Queens Assembly seat against Francisco Moya.</p>