Remembering The Homeless Who Died In 2016

A young attendee holds a candle in memory of the homeless New Yorkers who died in 2016.<br/>


Attendees look on as the names of 143 homeless New Yorkers who died in 2016 are read aloud.<br/>

David Broxton discovered he had cancer while he was homeless. He said the memorial day has a special resonance for him.<br/>

Urban Pathways COO Ron Abad discusses the connection between homelessness and poor health outcomes.<br/>

David Broxton, a member of the Care for the Homeless Consumer Advocacy Board, eulogizes his friend Carla Statford, a fellow member of their shelter’s choir.<br/>

Staff from Care for the Homeless and Urban Pathways serve dinner to attendees before the memorial service.<br/>

Individuals who have experienced homelessness shared a meal with advocates, family, and friends before the memorial.<br/>

Urban Pathways Employment Specialist Andre West honored his deceased client Steve Browand.<br/>

Remembering the dead.<br/>