Photos, Videos: Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Meet Beyonce And Jay Z—And LeBron James And Chelsea Clinton

Sitting next to Dikembe Mutombo<br>

Why isn't this a Kiss-Cam?<br/>

We see how this works: The royals made Bey and Jay walk towards them. (To be fair, the Cambridges are "guests" in Jay's house.)

The Cambridges meet Beyonce and Jay Z—the woman smiling at them is Irina Pavlova, president of Mikhail Prokhorov's holding company for the Nets<br/>

Getting into the game<br/>

Prince William points something out<br/>

LeBron James gave the royal couples jerseys for Prince Geroge and Prince William<br>

From a King to a Prince<br/>

We wonder if the Cambridges saw LeBron in his "I Can't Breathe" t-shirt during warm-up<br/>

Perhaps my favorite photo<br/>

Was there still a sensor on it?<br/>

Not posed at all! The Cambridges with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver<br/>

Earlier in the evening, at an evening with Chelsea Clinton<br/>

Future King... Future President?<br/>