Photos, Video: FDNY Burns Buildings To Better Understand Today's "Hotter And Faster" Fires

<p>Fire Commissioner Cassano observes the fire at the back of the house<br/></p>

<p>Fire Commissioner Cassano discussing the experiment <br/></p>

<p>A sample living room <br/></p>

<p>UL engineer John Drengenberg describes how these sensors measure temperature at different heights<br/></p>

<p>Firefighters wait <br/></p>

<p>At the front of the house<br/></p>

<p>The fire<br/></p>

<p>Firefighters start to put water on the basement fire during the live burn experiment at Governors Island <br/></p>

<p>Inside the control room<br/></p>

<p>Putting out the fire<br/></p>

<p>The house on the right was where the burn was conducted; on the left, the FDNY, NIST and UL set up a control room<br/></p>

<p>Sean Johnson, from the FDNY's Incident Management Team, shows the interior of a building where a basement fire was set the day before. The fire was directly under the kitchen, consuming its floor/the basement ceiling at around 1500 degrees.<br/></p>

<p>The paint peeled in the living at around 500 degrees.<br/></p>

<p>It was 85 degrees today. The firefighters wear about 75-100 pounds of equipment. <br/></p>