Photos: NYU's Sandy Babies Reunited For Birthday Bash As Parents Recall Scary Evacuation

On seeing all the babies again, Dr. William Schweitzer, who helped deliver some of them, said it was ""Really overwhelmingly wonderful. As a parent myself, and to see those lovely, healthy little kids after we went through that experience with their parents, the children are just thriving. You realize the world always bounces back."

Maria (nicknamed Masha) and mother Daria Shurba.

Maria Shurba was born around noon on the 29th. She and her mother were evacuated to Lenox Hill Hospital.

Emma was a patient in the NICU on the night of the evacuation. Mother Luz Martinez described the night as "a nightmare."

NYU Langone celebrated the babies' birthdays with kid-friendly snacks, like chicken fingers, granola and Cheerios.

Freda and her mother, Julz Donald, were also evacuated.

Dawn and Brian Charmatz's daughter, Juliana, was born in the hospital after the power went out.

Dr. Michael Espiritu, a neonatologist, and neonatologist fellow Dr. Craig Guerin worked in the NICU during the evacuation.

PICU nurse Michelle Federwisch (left) had just finished her shift when the power went out.

Nurse practitioner Donna Quinn was called into the hospital to assist with the evacuation.

Helen Chang, daughter Ayla and father Robert Paz.

John Corcoran, who works in the hospital's rehabilitation medicine-focused Rusk Instititue, helped NYU staffers manage the evacuation med sleds.

The babies were given teddy bears and cupcakes as birthday presents.

Dr. Martha Caprio of the Department of Pediatrics.

Jennifer Kelly gave birth to son William after being evacuated on the 29th.