Photos: Nor'easter Leaves Many Trudging, Biking, & Skiing Across Snowy NYC Landscape

This person navigates the snow using skis.

These two get ready for some sledding during the snowstorm.

Some people just couldn't help but be out.

A person clears snow from the front of a business and outdoor dining setup during the January 29th snowstorm.

A dog frolics in white powder during the snowstorm.

A person on skis walks through a Manhattan street.

A person wearing a poncho crosses the street during the January 29th snowstorm.

Two people aid a stranded driver during the snowstorm.

A set of flowers appears to have been forgotten about.

A delivery worker pedals in the snow in their bike on January 29th.

Snow blankets the seats at an outdoor dining setup during the snowstorm.

A garbage truck clears snow in Brooklyn.

Subway commuters on a train platform during the morning of the snowstorm on January 29th.

This man clears the white stuff with a snowblower.

Cold pizza doesn't seem to bother this group of birds.

A person walks past Roma Pizza on the day of the January 29th snowstorm.

A delivery worker uses a bicycle to get around the city.

A look at Central Park during the snowstorm.

Outdoor dining was canceled during the snowstorm.

The snowstorm did not deter New Yorkers from heading out.

One person unafraid of walking the streets during the snowstorm.

Two people cross the street during the snowstorm on January 29th.

This dog gets a walk during the snowstorm.

The dig out begins in this section of Suffolk County, Long Island, which bore the brunt of the storm.