Photos: Inside Mayor Bloomberg's "Robber Baron Chic" Townhouses

<p>London townhouse: Bloomberg once told the Times he wasn't into modern art. Guess he showed them.</p>

<p>NYC Townhouse: This confirms that rich people like their homes to look like fancy hotel lobbies.</p>

<p>NYC Townhouse: Is it weird that we imagine Bloomberg to be singing "<a href=";feature=related">See My Vest</a>" in here?</p>

<p>NYC Townhouse: This sort of looks like Queen Elizabeths' quarters from the movie <em>The Queen</em>.</p>

<p>NYC Townhouse: This also reminds us of that time we visited Buckingham Palace.</p>

<p>NYC Townhouse: Is this where Bloomberg has his dinners convincing <a href="">other famous people to do stuff for him</a>? </p>

<p>London Townhouse: We imagine there are special contraptions to clean this chandelier.</p>

<p>London Townhouse: Perfect for speading out notes about London's <a href="">surveillance cameras</a>.</p>

<p>London Townhouse: Did Bloomberg <a href="">smirk about getting this shirt</a> from London Mayor BoJo here?</p>

<p>London Townhouse: Who knew Bloomberg liked Marilyn Monroe?!?</p>

<p>London Townhouse: Plaids, sorta-paisley, squares—so many good ideas for when we make billions and have a London townhouse guest room to decorate.</p>