Photographic Evidence of This Weekend's Track Work

<p>"Track Workers prepare to remove and install new track rail fasteners at Dyckamn St (1)."</p>

<p>"After removing pandroll plates, Track Workes replace them with new quiet (resilient fastener) RF plates."</p>

<p>"Track Workers chipping out concrete for installation of new roadbed along local track near 34th St (E)."</p>

<p>"Track Workers installing 5” concrete pipe that gets concrete from street to the track @ 34th St (E)."</p>

<p>"With 800’ of pipe and forms completed, Track Workers can now pour new concrete near 34th St (E)."</p>

<p>"Track Workers pouring the new concrete into forms along tracks near 34th St (E)."</p>

<p>"Track Workers put finishing touches on installation of new track section outside Newkirk Ave (Q)."</p>