Obama Wins Democratic Nomination; Bill Clinton Says Obama is "Ready to Lead America"

<p>The 2008 Democratic ticket: Barack Obama and Joe Biden</p>

<p>Members of the NY delegation.</p>

<p>NJ Governor Jon Corzine announced NJ's votes during roll call.</p>

NY delegation bigwigs, Hillary Clinton in the center surrounded by, clockwise from lower left, Sheldon SIlver, Charles Schumer and David Paterson.

<p>Hillary Clinton, on monitors called for the nomination by acclamation of Democratic presidential candidate, Barack Obama, for president. On the stage are Nancy Pelosi and Alice Travis Germond, Democratic Party secretary.</p>

<p>Bill Clinton addresses the DNC.</p>

<p>Chelsea Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Charles Rangel</p>

<p>Bill Clinton waves to the crowd</p>

<p>Joe Biden during his speech</p>

<p>Joe Biden, Jill Biden and Barack Obama</p>

<p>Michelle Obama cheers.</p>

<p>Obama and Biden look at the cheering crowd</p>

<p>Biden with his grandson</p>