Obama Asks For A "New Beginning" With Muslim World

<p>President Obama during his speech about U.S. relations with the Muslim world</p>

<p>Obama gave the speech at Cairo University</p>

<p>Secretary of State Hillary Clinton greets people before the speech.</p>

<p>Coffeehouse owners in Istanbuhl, Turkey watch Obama deliver his speech.</p>

<p>A Palestinian family, whose home was lost after Israel's incursion in Gaza, watches the speech from a tent in Gaza City.</p>

<p>Palestinian militants from the Popular Resistance Committee watch Obama's speech.</p>

<p>A man watches Obama's speech in Times Square.</p>

<p>Somalians in Mogadishu react after President Obama quotes the Koran.</p>

<p>An Orthodox Jew watches Obama's speech at a shopping center in Jerusalem.</p>

<p>President Obama's address plays as an Indonesian youth has his hair cut.</p>