Photos: How New Yorkers Celebrated Their First 4/20 After Legalization

420 billboards lit up in Times Square, April 20th, 2021.

The reflection of the American flag in the face visor of a pot smoker with swirling marijuana smoke celebrating 420 in Times Square, April 20th, 2021.

Christopher West takes a toke in front of one of the posters for the party he organized through his cannabis collective, Road to Zion, April 20th, 2021.

People smoke as they set up for a 4/20 party in Bed Stuy, April 20th, 2021.

At a party in Bed Stuy, joints and other cannabis products to were sold alongside drinks and food, April 20th, 2021.

Pot smokers celebrate 420 in Times Square in front of the American flag, April 20th, 2021.

Co-owners Dafna Revah and David Palatnik at their CBD Kratom Cannabis Dispensary opening on 4/20 in the West Village neighborhood of Manhattan, April 20th, 2021.

A person smokes a joint at a free joint giveaway for those who have had their COVID vaccinations in Union Square, April 20th 2021.