Now You Can Adopt A TSA Explosives Detection Dog

TSA Dogs in Action: Transportation Security Administration Puppy Program Manager Scott Thomas holds puppies Hoey (L) and Hatton in 2011<br>

TSA Dogs in Action: Susie at a media availability in 2008<br>

TSA Dogs in Action: In 2008, Cargo Inspector Sachin Vaidya guides his dog Jenny to inspect cargo during a media availability demonstration at the warehouse of Cavalier Logistics at Dulles International<br>

In 2008, Cargo Inspector Elizabeth Koslow guides her dog Susie to inspect cargo in Dulles, Virginia<br>

TSA Dogs in Action: Jenny detects something<br>

TSA Dogs in Action: Susie and Jenny in 2008<br>

This TSA explosives detection dog is named Cheddar<br>