New Bike Racks May Take Some Getting Used To

<p>The prototype by Baroni &amp; Valeriani Architects of Florence, Italy faces tough competition from a street sign.</p>

<p>Just ignore the bike rack and it will go away.</p>

<p>A festive rack from Andrew Lang and Henry Dobbs of London. </p>

This rack bends!

<p>Ignacio Cocchini of Astoria, Queens.</p>

<p>Federico Otero of Lima, Peru.</p>

<p>Jeff Miller and Andrea Ruggiero of Manhattan.</p>

<p>By the far the most popular bike rack on the first day, by Open Thread Design of Brooklyn</p>

<p>Ian Mahaffy and Maarten De Greeve of Copenhagen, Denmark.</p>

<p>This prototype was missing from Astor Place yesterday.</p>