Men's 4x100 Freestyle Relay Brings Dramatic U.S. Win

<p>Jason Lezak, left, trails France's Alain Bernard in the final leg. Lezak made up time in a final burst and touched the wall 0.08 seconds faster than Bernard.</p>

<p>Michael Phelps, right, and teammate Garret Weber-Gale cheer at their team's win.</p>

<p>Phelps is ecstatic, while Lezak pumps his while in the water.</p>

<p>The whole U.S. men's 4x100 freestyle relay team celebrate--from left, Weber-Cole, Lezak (back turned to camera), Phelps and Cullen Jones.</p>

<p>Jones, Lezak, Phelps, and Garret-Weber.</p>