Meet The Freaky 'Twilight Zone' Sea Creatures Eating Our Carbon Emissions

The Fangtooth fish lives in the ocean's Twilight Zone and is the stuff of nightmares. It's also saving all of our lives by helping to keep the planet's carbon in check. Thanks, Fangtooth fish!<br>

An Elongated Bristlemouth fish. Bristlemouths are the most common fish in the Twilight Zone.<br>

Many organisms in the Twilight Zone, including this Lantern fish, use counter-illumination to blend in with the environment and avoid predators. Illumination is also used for communication.<br>

Many animals in the Twilight Zone, including the Viperfish, have developed large jaws to gather more food.<br>

An Atlantic Longarm Octopus.<br>

The Phronima is said to have inspired the creature in the movie Alien.<br>

A Helmet Jellyfish.<br>

A Dragon fish.<br>

A bioluminescent Lantern fish.<br>

An Atlantic Moon fish.<br>

A Sea Angel.<br>


A Glass squid.<br>

A mesopelagic squid.<br>

A mesopelagic shrimp.<br>