Tremble Before Manhattan West, Mallhattan's Newest Office Plaza & FoodFuntorium

Looking up at One Manhattan West.


A sample office floor at One Manhattan West.

Who Wouldn't Want This Life?

The Italian travertine was hand-sorted to create the effect that it is one solid block of stone.

The courtyard between the skyscrapers, looking west at Five Manhattan West, the future site of the food hall.

The Vessel.

Henry Caso, VP of construction for Brookfield, standing in front of a hallway in the lobby that leads west.

The Eugene, at left, next to Hudson Yards.

This is not a rendering, this is an actual photo of a couple holding hands and sighing atop The Eugene.

The luxury hotel The Pendry, at left, and "The Lofts," a building whose owner was a holdout, that will now be renovated office space.

Looking east from One Manhattan West.

A guest contemplates the skyline.

Another view of the courtyard, which opens in the fall of 2020.

The courtyard is designed by James Corner Field Operations, the firm that designed the High Line.

Hudson Yards, neighbor to the west.

Looking west down at Hudson Yards.

Another composition of Manhattan.

Looking north from One Manhattan West.

Another view south from One Manhattan West.

A NYC composition.

Looking south from One Manhattan West.

Looking east out on to 9th Avenue.

Italian travertine inside the lobby of One Manhattan West.

Outside One Manhattan West.