Looking At The George Steinbrenner Years

<p>Steinbrenner in 1990</p>

We'd never have guessed this man, seen here in 1977, was an FBI informant

<p>With Billy Martin in </p>

<p>With Reggie Jackson in 1977</p>

<p>In 1974</p>

<p>With reporters in NY</p>

<p>Celebrating a 1977 pennant win with Billy Martin</p>

<p>A 1993 Sport Illustrated cover</p>

Not this year.

<p>In 1999, with Joe Torre</p>

<p>With Derek Jeter and Torre in 1999</p>

<p>Celebrating in 1998</p>

<p>At the 2008 All Star Game</p>

<p>Earlier this year with his family</p>