Let's Meet The (Other) Gubernatorial Candidates

<p>Carl Paladino, the Republican candidate, and Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic candidate, are the known quantities in the NY Governor's race—you can click through to get to know the other five candidates.</p>

<p>Howie Hawkins is the Green Party candidate. He's been vocal about his <a href="">distaste</a> for the Paladino/Cuomo media hoopla. He <a href="">believes in</a> progressive taxes, taking the rich off welfare, and replacing the two-party system. He is pro-marijuana, pro-green economy, and pro-gay marriage.</p>

<p>Former Madam <a href="">Kristen Davis</a> is the Anti-Prohibition Party candidate. She has been <a href="">linked</a> to notorious Nixon strategist Roger Stone. She strongly advocates for the legalization and taxation of marijuana, and she is pro-gay marriage. </p>

<p>Councilman <a href="">Charles Barron</a> is the Freedom Party candidate. He's been a Democratic member of New York City Council from the 42nd District since 2001. The former Black Panther has said he's running for governor because of the all-white Democratic slate. He has said his party is focused on identifying, rooting out and eradicating racism.</p>

<a href="">Jimmy McMillan</a> is the Rent Is Too Damn High candidate. The retired postal office worker, Vietnam veteran, and former stripper has <a href="">one major </a>issue: "Rent is 2 "DAMN" high there is nothing else to talk about."

<p>Warren Redlich is the candidate for the Libertarian Party. An attorney who runs a website listing the state's traffic courts, he <a href="">wants to</a> cut spending, eliminate several state agencies including corporate welfare, and cap bureaucratic pay and pensions.</p>