Last Night's Action: Yankees Win 2009 World Series

<p>The Yankees won the first championship of this decade and they <a href="">won the last one</a>. In between, years of frustration and failure led to titanic changes, but on a November night in the Bronx, all of that was forgotten. The 2009 postseason cemented the clutch reputation of Derek Jeter and the reminded us of the invincibility of Mariano Rivera but also made a hero out of A-Rod, who erased years of postseason struggles with six home runs and 18 RBI’s and a .356 average. Add in Sabathia’s pitching, Damon’s “double-steal” and Matsui’s Game 6 heroics and the Yankees brought title #27 to the Bronx. And, as per the custom, the team and its fans celebrated with <a href="">a ticker tape parade</a>.<i>- Peter Trinkle</i></p>

<p>Hideki Matsui hits a two-run home run during the second inning to put the Yankees up 2-0.</p>

<p>Alex Rodriguez celebrates after scoring on Matsui's double.</p>

<p>Andy Pettitte with his teammates before being removed from the game in the 6th inning.</p>

<p>Mariano Rivera pitches in the eighth inning.</p>