J'Ouvert Participants Question New Security Rules: 'They're Trying To Pick Apart Our Culture'

Duran Griffith, 31, wears his personal horned helmet in his backyard in Brownsville. Griffith is one of the leaders of Greenhouse Jab Jab, a Grenadian collective that encourages J'Ouvert attendees to dress in horns, paint, and oil as a means of reconnecting with their heritage.

Members of the Greenhouse Jab Jabs hold a jam session at the Grenada Carriacou and Petite, one week ahead of J'Ouvert.

A reveler playing Jab Jab holds the carcass of an opossum at J'Ouvert 2016.

Wire John cuts out patterns from a bolt of fabric in preparation for Pagwah's "Kritical Mas" J'Ouvert gathering.<br/>

Despers member Joseph Gerald practices at the band's Crown Heights pan yard one week before J'Ouvert. Gerald, who commutes to Brooklyn multiple times a week from his home in Saddlebrook, NJ, has playing with Despers for over a decade.<br/>

Partiers at J'Ouvert 2016.

Finished Jab Jab paint bottles in Duran Griffith's Brownsville backyard.<br/>

A poster showing the multitude of looks Pagwah players have to choose from during this year's J'Ouvert mas.