Inside NYC's First Post-Disaster Housing Units

An exterior shot of the Office of Emergency Management's "Urban Post-Disaster Housing Prototype Program" in Brooklyn Heights- these units are meant to be quickly shipped and assembled to house people after a disaster like Hurricane Sandy.<br/>

Prototype from the side- you can see each unit is composed of shippable container-type boxes.<br/>

Prototype from the back- each room has a window.<br/>

Interior of one unit. There are various configurations with living/dining room with a balcony, a bathroom, and one to three bedrooms. The living room has plenty of storage!<br/>

The kitchen seemed pretty nice- but no dish washer that we saw.<br/>

One of the configurations includes a huge room, here being used for displaying some renderings of the project.<br/>

A typical bedroom, with closet and additional storage under bed. Note OEM blanket!<br/>

The bathrooms were pretty nice- with tiling, fancy sink, and decorative shower curtain. The shower was one of those hospital type setups with a bench- no bathtubs here.<br/>

Stairs between the floors. The prototype can be extended to several stories.<br/>

Another bedroom, showing the window.<br/>

Each unit had a balcony off the living room.<br/>

Nice view of the OEM parking lot and Cadman Plaza Park.<br/>