<i>Finally</i>: Election Day 2008 is Here

<p>The line outside P.S. 87</p>

<p>Obama vs. McCain</p>

<p>In the 17th voting district</p>

<p>The line at 7:20 a.m. outside a Brooklyn polling site</p>

<p>Emergency ballot box</p>

<p>Voting at P.S. 150 in Queens</p>

<p>Voting in Williamsburg</p>

<p>Jersey City polling site--dogseat reports:"This is where I vote. They usually have 2 voting booths, this year they had 6 with the option for one more. Usually you just walk right in and sign your name and vote and take off, this time there was a half hour wait. A huge line (and I went at earlier than normal, 6:45am)!After you sign your name in the ledger they give you a paper receipt and then you give it to a Spanish speaking lady who pierces it with a needle and thread and keeps it. Yes, there's a stack of paper receipts attached with needle and thread attached to each polling booth..."</p>

<p>Voting in Greenpoint</p>

<p>"This picture was taken around 6:30 A.M. on Cabrini Blvd. at the PS 182 polling station. The line was down the block and around the corner. "</p>

<p>Voting in Fort Greene: "a lady in line said she hadn't seen a line that long in the 25 years she has lived in the neighborhood"</p>

<p>The ballot, from Brooklyn</p>

<p>At Manhattan College</p>

<p>Voting on the Upper West Side at 7 a.m.</p>