How Did An Upstate Prison Enable Last Year's Incredible Escape? Let Us Count The Ways

Clinton Correctional Facility

A note left by Richard Matt in his cell the night of his escape.

<p>A hole cut by David Sweat into a disabled steam pipe leading through the prison's outer wall. (Office of General Services) </p>

A view of the holes in Sweat and Matt's cells from the catwalk outside.

The dummy found in Sweat's cell.

The hole in the rear wall of Matt's cell, behind his bed.

A painting of Joyce Mitchell's dogs by Richard Matt, made in exchange for smuggled exercise gloves.

The manhole that Sweat and Matt emerged from just beyond the prison walls.

David Sweat, left, and Richard Matt; Sweat was serving a life sentence for killing a sheriff's deputy in Broome County while Matt was serving 25 years for killing his boss