Hipster Cop Montage Video: Changing Our Perspective On An Internet Meme

Community Affairs Detective Rick Lee,


<p>It's true that red is a power color, but how "powerful" is cashmere?<br/></p>

<p>It's early, but never too early to talk about that Proust passage you just couldn't stop thinking about on the subway.<br/></p>

<p>"Oh man, I had a Rage sticker on my skate deck for so long."</p>

<p>When the people around you aren't aware that your sweater is worn with a dash of irony, is that in an of itself, ironic? Are we on some next-level shit?<br/> </p>

<p>Pretty sure this posture isn't in the Patrol Guide, but then again, Rick never played by the rules.<br/></p>

<p>The photo that started it all. He's a hair tussle away from scoring some demonstrator's digits.<br/></p>

<p>"I never come above 14th street, it's just too much."<br/></p>