NYC Aims For Efficient 20-Minute Vaccination Process At Community Hubs

Dr. Dave Chokshi, commissioner or the city Health Department, offers an overview of what those receiving the COVID-19 shot can expect.

Dr. Dave Chokshi, the city Health Department commissioner, inside the South Bronx Educational Campus school gymnasium that's been converted to an evaluation section for the vaccination site

The South Bronx Educational Campus cafeteria converted to a vaccine distribution site, with cafeteria tables able to hold two vaccine distribution stations each.

The school gymnasium at the South Bronx Educational Campus is now a vaccine site.

Materials at a vaccine distribution station, which include hand sanitizer, a face shield and latex glove, and a sharps container to throw away used needles.

Melanie Hartzog, deputy mayor for Health and Human Services, at a news conference Saturday discussing the logistics of vaccine distribution.

Councilmember Rafael Salamanca Jr., speaks on personal terms on COVID-19, which killed his father.

State Senator Luis Sepulveda discusses the urgency in getting people vaccinated in the Bronx.